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Skydiving to active volcano and hot springs

Skydiving to active volcano and hot springs

Necessary conditions:

  1. Skydive certificate (starting from “C” category)
  2. Medical form
  3. Skydiver’s license validity, including the validity to operate camera and video camera
  4. Documents for parachute machine (canopy), technical examination of parachute machine, reserve canopy stowed not later than 4 months prior to skydiving, insurance device (CYPRES, VIGIL, ASTRA).
  5. Helmet (especially for RW)
  6. Altimeter with the scale not less than 4000 meters (beepers are appreciated)
  7. Loading coefficient of the last 30 jumps must be equal to the loading coefficient with which the skydiver intends to make jumps (according to skydiver’s license)
  8. Ground mat
  9. Insurance (available on request for some extra charge)

Canopy with lesser loading coefficient is recommended.

Technical provision:

  1. Wind cone
  2. Smoke blocks
  3. Medical kit
  4. Radios
  5. Megaphone
  6. Ground sheet  

Please, take a look at some details of skydive points offered in the program:  

Name Flight time (minutes) Height of skydive
Avacha volcano 20 5000
Nikolaevka village --- 5000
Vilyuchinskiye hot springs 25 4000
Bolshe-Banniye hot springs 45 5000
Nalychevo Valley 25 5000

Please note, that the height of skydives can be changed due to the following conditions:

  1. Weather
  2. Participants’ fitness
  3. Recommendations of the helicopter crew
  4. Technical characteristics

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